Angular Guards in Disneyland Park

In an Angular application you might need to run some checks before allowing the user to navigate to or away from a page. That’s where Angular Guards come into play.  The picture below displays how guards work. A user is trying to navigate in the application, but before allowing navigation there is a guard that

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Introduction to TypeScript

After some time of working with Angular and Typescript, I decided to create a series of articles where I will discuss different features and concepts related to Typescript.  History JavaScript is one of the most widespread cross-platform languages, used both in frontend and backend. There is a mismatch between the application’s size, complexity and JavaScript’s

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Angular Authentication, Interceptors and Guards

In this article I will create step by step an Authentication library and along the way will describe Interceptors and Guards. Application Description This application will have these pages: Login, Home, User Dashboard and Admin Dashboard which will have different access levels as described in the table below.  Login Home User Dashboard Admin Dashboard Non

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Queue And Priority queue in typescript

In this article I will first implement a queue in typescript and will display data saved in the queue using Angular. Later on I will talk about priority queues and implement it using a similar logic. The idea is to display another type of queue where the elements will have a priority which will determine

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Stack Data Structure in Typescript

Introduction In this article I will implement a stack in typescript and will display data saved in stack using Angular. Later on we will use this stack to solve the problem where we need to check if a string of parenthesis is balanced.  Stack is a LIFO (Last In First Out) data structure. Let’s think

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RxJS Explained with Vega Chart visualization

According to the official documentation: “RxJS is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences.”  There are lots of articles and definitions around the web related to async programming, but still challenges developers at the beginning.  In my opinion RxJS is more than a library, it is a way of thinking.

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Angular Virtual and Infinity Scrolling

In this article I will introduce a performant solution on how to implement a list with a large amount of data. I will start with displaying a short list and next will suppose that the data set is very large. The last step will be loading this large set from the backend. In each step

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Angular Dependency Injection Explained

When I first started programming dependency injection and all the concepts related to it seemed to be a bit abstract for me. I could still create services and inject them, but still there seemed to be a gap in my mind on how this implementation seemed to work.  In this article, first I will explain

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Step by step guide: Application using NestJs and Angular

Just a few days before Christmas I came along with NestJs framework. Always wanted to give a try to NodeJs development, but the idea of a javascript backend seemed to keep me away. NestJs is a framework for building Node.js server side applications and supports Typescript. Since almost all my experience is with Angular and

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